Error resilient Monte Carlo methods on quantum computers

Quantum computing promises improvements in many areas, from chemistry to healthcare to finance. The current investment boost in the field gives hope that quantum computers will become reality in business workflows sometime this decade. But how far are we really from the first productive use of quantum computers? We will sketch the state of the […]

Risk management as a potential application for quantum computers

Quantum Risk Analysis … Calculating probabilities with probabilistic machines … Systemic risk of financial networks The financial system is highly correlated. For example banks lend to each other via the interbank market or are directly invested in other banks. The default of one institute can impact other connected banks and can lead to system failure […]

Quantum computers for energy markets

Quantum computers for energy markets Forecasting and prediction In the past energy production was usually centralized and energy was transported in one direction. A big power plant outside the city, usually a coal or nuclear power plant produced energy for the whole city and huge power lines transported the energy to the consumers in the […]

Privacy preserving generative AI by using local LLM instances

The Importance of Using Large Language Models (LLMs) Locally In today’s digital age, language models have become an integral part of many businesses and organizations.These models are trained on vast amounts of data to generate human-like text, which can be used for avariety of purposes such as chatbots, language translation, content creation, and more. However, […]