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JoS QUANTUM is a German technology advisor.

JoS QUANTUM launched in 2018 with the goal of bringing quantum information theory to the financial world. Since then, a lot has happened. We have accomplished various projects together with leading companies in the financial, insurance and energy industry. From workshops to full products implemented and their data pipelines – You can read about the publicly published ones in our Perspectives section. Thus, we have expanded our vision and help leading companies incorporate new technologies into their data-driven processes. For this we build internal solutions together with our various partners.


JoS is driven by technology and powered by people.

Markus C Braun

Markus founded JoS QUANTUM in 2018. Before that, he worked for Deutsche Bank and as a consultant for various financial institutions. He advised on and implemented various quantitative models for fraud detection and risk modelling. Markus studied mathematical physics in Magdeburg, Tokyo and Taipei.

Niklas Hegemann​

Niklas is managing director of JoS QUANTUM. Before that, he worked as a management consultant in different business and technical areas focusing on software integration and financial services. He was responsible for several big projects mostly in the field of trading and risk management. Niklas worked at the German electron-synchrotron DESY where he used Monte Carlo simulation methods to validate high energy experiments. He received his degree (Dipl.-Phys.) with subsidiary subject  economics in 2011 from University of Hamburg.

Sven Kerstan​

Sven joined JoS QUANTUM in 2019. He has more than ten years of experience in trading and risk management. Most of that time he spent on the trading floor of a large proprietary trading company where, as Head of Research, he was in charge of all quantitative models and algorithms for trading and built up and managed a team of quants. Before that, he did Part III maths at the University of Cambridge, a PhD in theoretical physics at King’s College, London, and a postdoc at the Center for Theoretical Physics in Groningen.

Thomas Decker​

Thomas joined JoS QUANTUM in 2019. Before he worked as a software developer for a high-performance database company where he was responsible for the optimization algorithms. He held postdoctoral research positions at the University of Washington in Seattle, at McGill University in Montreal and at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. His research is focused on the design and analysis of quantum algorithms and on quantum information theory. He received his Diplom degree in computer science in 2002 and his Dr.rer.nat. degree with specialization in quantum algorithms in 2006 from the University of Karlsruhe (KIT).

Marcelin Gallezot​

Marcelin joined JoS QUANTUM in 2022 after graduating from CentraleSupelec and Université Paris-Saclay where he studied engineering and physics. He gained practical experience in quantum computing through two internships: one focused on error correction and the other on the applications of quantum machine learning to finance and insurance.

Henrikh Baghramyan

Henrikh joined in August 2023 and will add extensive experience to our #datascience and #machinelearning capabilities. Prior joining, he worked as a machine learning engineer, where he focused on enhancing the resolution of satellite images using #diffusionmodels. He conducted postdoctoral research at the Italian Institute of Technology and worked as the principal investigator on a postdoctoral grant funded by the Chilean government. His research primarily centered around computational plasmonics and low-dimensional semiconductors. He earned his Ph.D. in Semiconductor Physics from Yerevan State University in 2013. Outside of his professional life, Henrikh has a passion for learning languages and enjoys going for a jog.

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