Quantum Internet Hackathon Oct 13/14, 2018

Quantum Internet Hackathon Oct 13/14, 2018

How can networking protocols be adjusted, or which tools need to be re-written, in order to enable Quantum Internet?

The goal of the quantum Internet is to enable transmission of quantum bits (qubits) between any two points on earth in order to solve problems that are classically intractable. Qubits are very different from classical bits in that they can be “0” and “1” at the same time, and cannot be copied.

Currently, it is possible to make a transmission over 100 km, and run a single application known as ‚quantum key distribution‘. The next challenge is to go long distance, and to connect small quantum processors to enable a larger range of applications.

The long-term ambition of the European Quantum Internet Alliance is to build a Quantum Internet that enables quantum communication applications between any two points on Earth.

Like the Internet we know today, the future Quantum Internet will consist of the following subsystems: quantum repeaters, end nodes, infrastructure technology, control and applications.

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